The gang

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the first one looks like a mime with towering pillar of hats the secound one is confused about this strange thing above it and the third is just ‘hello friends I am here’ it’s perfect


Sometimes i’m concerned about my rp-characters

nsfw: gore and genitalia under cut :u

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mrs-pauling: I think they've said "genderswap" is just as bad, but I'm not sure. ;( I think the only two acceptable terms are "binary swap" and "presentation play." thanks anyway though~

Being politically correct 100% is hard sometimes. I’ll just make up my own tags o/

mrs-pauling: People have stated that "genderbend" is a transphobic term.

Ok. I also googled the thing and it seems genderbend is considered rude because of people using it as a slur and because the term is rarely used in non-binary gender swaps. (However I don’t get why genderswap would be any better because swap sound like switching which kind of has that feel of having only two things to swap??)

But enough of that. If people really consider it harmful I’m not going to start arguing. I’ll just tag my gender change things as G. The tagging is mainly for myself only so I can find shit from my blog, after all.

in addition to my last post, we talked about how it would be like to be a moomin character with Riki. He told me he’d be biting everyone if they walked in his garden, so here’s him and a pissed off hemulen.
And also tiny Linni as a mymble uvu

thank yoouuuuuuuu u3u

mrs-pauling: Hi friend! could you please use "binary swap" instead of genderbend?

I don’t really see why it would be necessary, since as far as I’ve understood, the term “genderbend” includes all the genders and not just male/female (genderbend = to bend the gender -> bending the gender to all directions and not just in the binary, see my logic here?)  So that’s why I think #genderbend would be a better tag for all my pictures about characters drawn in their non-canon genders. I want to have one single tag for all that kind of stuff. 

But if you think your and other people’s feelings would be hurt if a random fella in the internet doesn’t use “binary swap” instead of “genderbend”, I will reconsider. Feel free to contact me.