also i have this sketch of my dumb drow and his grump gf :U I need a scanner so bad….
school is cool

………NPCs are all I have

I drew these nerds
Cr1tikal as the “apathy core”, inspired by this wonderful edit by scibot9000!! He’s apparently just floating because he doesn’t give a crap. not because I was too lazy nope
Listen more of Cr1tikal core here. These are all super funny I want to draw more when I’m not this tired and busy c:
this guy keeps showing up on my dashboard and i have zero knowledge of what the heck is going on
I like to think the dude who works at Freddy’s is some really depressed guy who gets hooked to the job because it brings thrills to the life he otherwise deems meaningless and empty.
Guess this is ready now :U Please full view!
Birthday card for infectedleo (๑^っ^๑) It looks much better in real life though..
divorcingthe pine tree.. geese on the move
-Kobayashi Issa