I like to think the dude who works at Freddy’s is some really depressed guy who gets hooked to the job because it brings thrills to the life he otherwise deems meaningless and empty.
Guess this is ready now :U Please full view!
Birthday card for infectedleo (๑^っ^๑) It looks much better in real life though..
divorcingthe pine tree.. geese on the move
-Kobayashi Issa
I hit 100 followers! Have a crappy picture about it!

toinen was my 100th I drew his DND character Keema (I didn’t remember the guard uniform you designed Andy so I improvised gomen)
Didn’t know what to draw and haizarakokoro suggested gore. This is not exactly gore but it’s gross and it has intestines so it kinda counts? (He also helped to pick music to listen to c: )
Who is the milkman?